The Valafy Ladoratory is a Outside Laboratory where people work for exploring Collaber City.But when the demon invasion happen, The turlus, a demoniac tribute descendant to Deathen, come here to change the village into a dark war place .In this Village 5 dungeon in Grade 2 and 4 dungeons in Grade 3 are available.


The village houses are in wood with purple.In the village center flags with the Collaber city sing and decorating with a bigger house for Valafy. In the left you could see citizens in camping.


The Valafy Ladoratory have 9 dungeons 5 for grade 2 and 4 for grade 3.

Valafy Safe GatesEdit


Nanami IslandsEdit

A group of Islands where you could see Lumiari, the Turlus Defender

Valafy Village DepositsEdit

The Selfins are good fairies who transform old rocks into the Pixie Dust, a elemental substance that stoke the forests, but the Turlus darkness delude the Selfins to become evil.

Ruins of ElevanasEdit

The ruins of Elevanas? Before ,Valafy Ladoratory was called Elevanas Palace and it was the royalty of the village until the Gooslins, gooey monster who is the goo inside the Turlus eat all the palace and burn it with acid and its become a contaminated area.Goo-Dark is the boss right

Cap LimiaEdit

Cap Limia is Daplet clan area.Ahhh, is peaceful with the cherry blossom trees and the melody of a spring break and the sun who get up very early.But Halmos and her army of Turlus is coming to rename it Halmos village.

Turlus ForestEdit

The Turlus Forest.No its not called like that.Its the entire part for the Forest of Lifes, the Special Area of Valafy Ladoratory,all the Turlus Army is trying to convince Valafy to rule them,But you can let them like that!

East Camp DungeonsEdit


Dark Cap LimiaEdit

For the vengeance of Halmos, she decided to re-beat you at the same Cap-Limia, but during the time you were in other dungeons, she take all the Darkness Essence to become more dark and change the Cap Limia!

Temple of TempestEdit

The Prockel-Eden need your help!Vivaloon transforms all the magical creatures into Blastimiums and trying to upgrade the Turlus Armors!Prockel-Edens, the ones who live at the temple,

Death DoorsEdit

Nope.In the Death Doors, the Requorials Twins will NOT let you open the gates.Beat them, and save Valafy from the darkness.

Collision BridgeEdit

And Finally were at the Collision Bridge,near to the Death Golren Valafy, the main leader of the village get forced to release her dark side!She won't give you any chance to beat her.



  • This is the village with the most of dungeons, 9 dungeons are in this village and 3 nature field are there so 12 PVE site in Valafy Ladoratory.

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