Valafy Elphenix is a professor in Rameen High.She is teaching Cryptic Sciences.She is courageous and allow studens to manipulate fire.She is also Terri-Vanns aunt.




She have blonde hair and black and with hair.She is wearing a white smock with a cape of the same color.



She is Terri-Vann adoptive mother.Before Goldiecon,she was Terrivan aunt.

Role as an NPCEdit

Valafy is a nota ble NPC, she is the main leader at Valafy Ladoratory, and she Giving quest for Grade 2-3 only.

Role as a BossEdit

Valafy, like all staff, is a boss in a alternate form, this was relased that this was her real form, but the Shine Gold power by his adopted son change her form.

Valafy is a boss at the Collision Bridge.

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