Pricillia look chibi
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Pricillia Haze is a robot from the future.She is Protector of Core, also known as Lazer Magic.She is shy and curious girl.She hate Sparrow , cause she is mean  to Pricillia.


She has green hair, a analyzer helmet,green eyes.She have a black and green dress with frills on it.She also have black and red boots.



She is Friend with Dania , Kaezen and Kenza.


Her pet is a Robotic coyote named  Robo Attick


She is not in romance with anyone


Name:Pricillia Haze

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Race: Robot

Height: 1,70 m

Likes: Computers,Technology,,Battles

Dislikes:Wood,Apples,Old Things,Peace,Sparrow and Hunter.

Trasformation:Plasma Analyzer >Core Analyzer

See:Plasma Analyzer

See:Core Analyzer



Pricillia is a base character and can't be unlocked.


  • Pricillia skill's and element and personnality is mostly based on the Elsword character Eve.
  • She is the only character right now on GSH to do not have a dragon race.

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