Faymon Hapistairs mamoth, Plook have the power of Freeze.He have a more levels of skills than normaly.


Level 1Edit

Plook make icy spears that can freeze people

Level 2Edit

Plook make 3x more icy spears that  can pierce  of freeze.

Level 3Edit

Plook make icy drills  that can freeze or piercing. its have 45% chance to make critical effect.

Level 4Edit

Like the level 3, but they have bigger icy drills  that have 75% to make critical effect.

Level 5Edit

Like the level 3, but they have 2x more and they have wings , thats  means they can move.

Special SkillsEdit

???: Plook appears 200 big magic drills that  have 100% to freeze. 

NOTE: This is a bait skill, if its permed its will give you a ban and wiki ban.

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