Nowleen Gale Chibi on GENERATOR
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Nowleen Gale is the Protector of Technology , she is smart and tomboyish.She as a "geek style" by the fans


She has black short hair with a white skin.She as a black dress with a purple ending.She have purple jetboots.



She is friends with Faymon and Fanie


Her pet is a  dog named Rapeenes


She is in couple with Faymon


  • Name:Nolween Gale
  • Likes:Puppies,Soccer,Maths,Chcolate,Futurist,Funny things
  • Dislikes:Lies,Kenza attitude,Vanilla,Old-fashoned stuff,People who treat her like a robot.
  • Height:1,63 m
  • Age: 1200
  • Birthday: June,20
  • Catch Phrase: Thats how we rule guys!


Get 100% on all tests in Extreme

or Buy the Parchemin of Spell is the Premium Mall


  • People things that she is a robot but its false, She is a Deathie du to her white skin and her dark clothing.

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