Since  some Skills has been Relased, the List Of Character Features is created.


Q: How we can get Gold nuggetsEdit

A:By simply get Badges thats give you Gold Nuggets.

Q: Why some character are not conssidered as a official character?Edit

a: Beacause all character under Hunter (Reshimi,Tayleen ect...) are not conssidered as a offcial character until a new event.And also their combos are very similar to the 16 main combos.

Q:Why we can only have 8 characters at start?Edit

a:Beacause all 1 and 2nd Group are free characters,The 3,4,5,6 ect.. groups can only be unlocked with Wiki Gold Nuggets

  • These questions will change sometimes*

List of Character FeaturesEdit

Faime: Burn Countdown

Laggën: Trapping System

Spektray: Lazer Consentration


Pricillia: Core Fusion

Haideen: Sword Range

Dania: Blood Draining


Gigi: True Moon Side

Tairion: Way of the Dark



Kenza: Hallucination

Valdeen:Dark Night

Sparrow:Slow-Down Time system

Hunter: Tern Onell Spirits

Reshimi: Hatterzone Time

Tayleen:Mystic Slay

Nowleen: Techno-Heart

Faymon:Dimensional Magic



Fanie: Mana Recharging


Widonna: Pixie Mode

Harvey: Shamania

Yazmine: True Heart System

Sailerion: Spirits Uncklock

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