Guard of Phelias is the first dungeon of Rameen High and the game.Its required to be level 1-2 to make this Dungeon.

Number of Stades ( whithout the Boss stage)Edit

In each Dungeons, its divised with stades, unlocked by a key or something.


3 Stades


5 stades


5 stades with one choice at the 3rd stade.



An Hypnosis elemental

Spell ElfEdit

A elf who cast spells.


Some creatures with a body of eagle and a head of Lion.


a Deeps Elemental

Arch ElfEdit

a elf who shoot elemental arrows.

Mini BossEdit

Golden GriffonEdit

A golden, very big Griffon who breathe a golden fire that can petrify .


Phelias: The Dark elf of Anything

Somewhere hinding in all woods, Phelias is a bad elf to never confide beacause he is givin his darkness to anyone without notice that he giving darkness.


Dark StormEdit

Nightmare BeamEdit

A devloped version of Kenza's Dremlights Beam

Darkness GiftEdit

Foundable WeaponsEdit

Phelias Dream Catch:Kenza

Griffon Thornpots:Laggen

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