Faime 's combos and skill are all focused on 1 element:Burning, In this element, she is the only one to personalize her flames, this feature called Burn Countdown.

How its works?Edit

Its pretty easy to use it when you got at ease with Faime combos such as X↑ZZ or ↓XX. These combos are a example of the combos that works with the Burning contdown.

Faime use flames to chage size and color, these can be Mana,Health,Attack Flames.Faime desingn her flames depending on her Mana , health and opponent Health and mana.She use her flames to create tornados,dragons,auras,wings ect.

Affections to Other charactersEdit

Faime's Mana Flame can be extremely a defaict to Fanie, who can absorb her flames to recharge 1 mana bullet but fanie got a burning thats can be right.Faimes Tornados are perfectly non-adapted to steel wings Exept Rozoelle who have a weakness to fire.


  • Its haves pretty similarities to the French game Fantaisy Liberty character Hardo, who use him cube to have weapons and items

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