• Faime Labborn, the 1st
  • Laggen Harrenzi, the 2nd
  • Mikky Lowrz,the 22nd Character
  • Fanie ellibennie, the 23rd Character
  • Terri-Vann Elphenix, the 24th
  • Widonna Arivena, the 25th Character
  • Harvey Lansonet, the 26th Character
  • Yasmine Olephynas, the 27th Character
  • Sailerion Garombe, the 28th Character
  • Gomma Larya
  • Rucolus
  • Old Handus
  • Handus Flus
  • Gaethan Makyu
  • Hourboi
Almost a vingtain Characters has released,The is a list of all GSH Characters


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Main Article :  Characters/Staff


Main Article: Characters/Pets


Main Article: Tributes

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